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Aagman literally means ‘the beginning of something’ and we at RCMWE believe that the start of something positive should be by giving back to whoever is, in any way, less fortunate than us. RCMWE, hence, conducted a rather enjoyable outdoor games session in our adopted village at Aarey with the kids, which was not only fun, but also everyone had some pleasant memories to take back along with them.


Ek Niwala is our quarterly food donation drive, which aims to feed the hungry. Hunger and starvation being one of the leading problems of our country, RCMWE hopes to bring about an impact in every way possible, ek niwala at a time. With this initiative, we have started distribution of food in different areas of Mumbai’s suburbs in the first quarter of the year and provide food to the underprivileged people. Until now, we have successfully conducted 3 of such events at different places.


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The second edition of Mumbai Western Elite Model United Nations took place on 14th and 15th August  2021. MUN is a simulation of the United Nations where the participants become the delegates of the  countries they represent and discuss matters concerning international security, peace and harmony.
MWE MUN 2021 saw a participation from 76 delegates, which is a 38 percent increase as to what the
conference last year. There were 4 committees, with one committee being a midnight crisis UN emergency meeting called by the  Secretary General. The other 3 committees were UNSC, WHO and DISEC
The discussion and resolutions involved matters of urgent paramount importance like health care, COVID - 19
pandemic, bio weapons, international security and permanent membership in the security council.


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With a participation of 3000+ people from around the globe, a 5-day virtual walkathon was able to raise 7 lakh rupees for paediatric heart surgeries. The project was carried out along with Rotary District 3141, Rotaract District 3141 and Rotary Club of Mumbai Western Elite. The project was powered by SMC Global Pvt. Ltd. The project was covered on 91.1 Radio City. Our official fitness partner was ‘Impact’ app along with our gifting partner ‘Jean Claude Beguine’. We had 61 co-host clubs onboard.


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It was a tournament played in league format. We had 5 teams who played 10 matches in all  at Kandivali Turf. The teams were made through an auction  where the team owners were bidding for the players. We had Brijeel and BrandFactory as our  sponsors.


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This project focuses on Women Empowerment. It includes various activities which help women grow and develop as an individual. We have held events like Rakhi Exhibition, where we promoted small businesses with women entrepreneurs on our social media handles; Sanitary Napkin Donation; and Menstrual Hygiene Awareness.

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New beginnings are always beautiful and what better way to start the new Rotaract year than to distribute happiness? Using this project as our stepping stone to success, we manged distributed 50 boxes, each consisting of a samosa, dairy milk and some sweets to the people living near Oberoi mall's signal, Goregoan East while keeping in mind all the essential safety precautions. Overall, the event was a huge success and instilled enthusiasm in all the members towards this new Rotaract year. 

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The pandemic has, unfortunately, obliged us to be stuck in our homes far away from our friends and loved ones. This event aimed at reuniting friends and reminiscing, cherishing their beautiful memories which they spent together earlier via sharing their favourite pictures and videos, which then were uploaded in a google form. We had a total number of 16 participants and it went on from 25 July to 29 July.

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This project included cultural exchange  as well as networking with Rotaractors  from different countries.
We had bonding sessions with Rotaract  Clubs from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal,  Egypt and Nigeria.
On the last day of the project we had  invited Rotaract Clubs from all over  India and we played games and bonded  with each other. We had 30+ clubs  together on the last day.

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This was a series of mini events created by the editorials avenue to  indulge in a month of fun Saturday evenings for not only our fellow  Rotaract members but also for our fellow enthusiastic language lovers.
We organized these games to encourage the idea that “even words  could be fun!” and in order to do so we incorporated several games  which would enhance knowledge and spontaneous behavior.


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During this Pandemic period, since many of us have seen and  experienced ourselves that many of our functions are now taking place  online and which also includes videos as a medium of intereaction, so  we thought that why not let everyone who is interested and loves  making videos, get to learn video editing that too from a well  experienced creator in a very simple way. We had Mr. Amey Karhade, a budding engineer but a video editing  enthusiast as our trainer for the workshop.


Vaccination against the coronavirus is a need of the hour and RCMWE efficaciously operated a vaccination drive in association with Shri Subhash Dhanuka and Lifeline Hospital organized at Vasant Valley Clubhouse, Malad East. It was a massive success and providentially, several of people benefitted from the drive.

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This contest was organised to find and show hidden talents  among Rotaract members and guests outside Rotaract and make  the participants travel to a dimension they have never been to. It also aimed to celebrate the beauty in this universe and allow members to appreciate and love nature through imagery. The event saw a participation of 60+ people. This was a joint project done in collaboration with 13 other clubs.


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The objective behind the project was to give the participants a glimpse of the real  world in the financial sector, here they were compelled to use logic, reasoning and  spontaneous decision making to formulate strategies to be as efficient as possible. The  participants had to endure a two round simulation which tried them on their  negotiations, decision-making and business acumen under time-constrained situations,  much like the real world. We wanted to stir away from the traditional ideas of  webinars, seminars and do something different which would make it a learning  experience for our participants, simultaneously also create an enjoyable learning  experience for them. The game involved bidding for and acquiring various resources in  order to build the perfect city.


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The event was a story discussion session based on the story ‘The Last Leaf' by O. Henry. It was done in collaboration with ‘The Abstract Room’. The event included discussion on the story, its plot, theme, the idea behind  all the characters, conspiracy theories related to it and alternative endings that  could leave you stunned for days.


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The project aimed at assembling a group of speakers who could convey via their  performances a new perspective to the audience about common issues. It essentially was a session for artists who wish to find a comfortable space to explore and portray their art and skills. We were able to achieve our desired goal of amalgamating social issues via creative poetry. The secondary goal was to keep alive the love and passion built through literature and  poetry of various languages which was achieved too. It showed an active participation of over 27 people which included Rotaractors and guests alike